Fix N Flip Or Invest In Real Estate?

Inflation is running rampant, prices of goods and services are soaring, but our incomes remain the same. What should you do?  Regardless of the economy, now is a good time as any to jump into real estate investing.  

Investing in real estate can generate cash flow, but paying more to obtain a piece of property to gain earnings is not a sound investment strategy.  

As the Federal Reserve continues to raise the interest rates, housing prices are on a slight decline because many home buyers are afraid to purchase a home with higher mortgage rates, some small investors have left the market, and first time investors are on the fence about purchasing real estate at this time. Don’t let fear over take you.

One option is to focus on value add real estate projects which offers investors strong opportunities for returns and generate cash flow.  Value add real estate projects is a method of finding real estate deals that need renovations that allow for higher rent.  Locating these deals will require more research, making connections to wholesalers, bird dogs, and many other sources for leads to locate these properties.  Can you see the potential in this scenario? The last item needed is to take action.

We offer reasonable investment rates to provide you with options with a personalized touch.  When you need fast funding with certainty, have unique needs and scenarios, we often times can help.  

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We do not lend on single family residential for the intent of the property to be your home.  

This is not a guarantee that you will be approved for a loan.  Funding is more flexible, but does need to meet certain reasonable criteria requirements.