Welcome To Breaico LLC

We offer multiple solutions for real estate transactions that investors, flippers, and builders need. We help investors fund their deals. We understand no two deals are the same. Each transaction is unique and requires clear communication so we can understand how we can help you. We are accessible to discuss your deal, objectives, and exit strategy (if any), This way we gain a better understanding of which capital structures would be a good fit for your goals, wants and needs.

We work with excellent credit, good credit, bad credit, and the really ugly stuff.

We also provide prequalification letters to approved borrowers to show you are serious about purchasing.

Looking for alternative lender sources? Have questions? Have a scenario? Let’s connect and visit to see how we can help you achieve your investing goals.

We are loan brokers.

As a broker, our goal is to help investors, flippers, builders get the best loans and terms for their deals. We have multiple sources to go to for funding so you have options on choosing the right funding source for your situation. We have access to private money, hard money, soft money, hedge funds, and much more to find the best lending scenarios for you. We have established relationships in our network that produce quick results.

We strive to create long term relationships and referrals. Our way of knowing we did a fantastic job for you and your business and that we earned your trust enough to do business with us again and refer others.

The advantages of working with us are many.

We save you time in locating the best terms and rates for your deals, circumstances, and situation.

We can determine where you have the highest and best chance of obtaining financing. Depending on your deal, we may even be able to have multiple offers to present to you. How does that sound to you?

Speedy closings for approved borrowers.

Low documentation in most cases.

We strive to give you multiple choices, so you can decide which is the best offer for you. We can’t give you any guarantees that we can get you funded for your investment property with out some information. We can go over some questions to get an understanding of your real estate objective and we will try to let you know up front what we can do for your funding needs so you can decide what is best for you.

There are no upfront fees to start with us, so no worries there. As you know in any real estate transaction there are the standard closing fees of all real estate transactions, as well as lender fees, and points that all show on the HUD1 closing documents.

**We do NOT offer loans for single family primary residences.** Meaning if you intend to buy a home to live in, we are not the lender you seek.